Monday, July 4, 2011

A Cats Catwalk (Designing a catwalk for cats from scratching post to hideaway)

Catwalks make a big change in our cat's lives

We had known for a while, that creating catwalks for our cats would be an ideal situation, bringing excitement and empowerment to the cats home and some balance back into our lives. I wanted our cats to let us know when they wanted love, for them to come down to our level to allow us to pet them and love them and to climb high above and out of reach when they simply wanted to just be.

I cannot think of how upsetting it might be for a cat that wants to be left alone for that evening to be cornered as it has no place to go and be stoked and cuddled to death. Giving the cats it's own domain above us and out of our normal reach was maybe the best gift we could give them.

What is funny though is that now we have given them a catwalk to explore and to hang around in or sleep in, the cats are almost showing more signs of being truly happier cats. Even though they have spaces to escape, they spend more time showing us (in my opinion) just how happy they have the new found heights on the catwalks we have created for them.

Designing the catwalk for our home

We have a few spots we are creating a new line of catwalks for in our home. Not knowing how long we were really stay in our home changed the design of our catwalks altogether. We could have made them structurally a part of our home, cutting sheetrock and studs to be an integral part of the home design, but this would have made the house hard to sell when the time was right to move to another home in the future.
Efforts were made to design a catwalk that was easy to craft, but stylish, easy to mount on the wall, but strong enough to hold all 3 cats or more, also that the catwalk would possibly be multi-functional, maybe a little hideaway with sleeping quarter below.

Designing the upper stairway in our home was a fun project, I love to design machines and gadgets, so a catwalk was almost a cakewalk! (almost) I sourced out the right kinds of materials that would be strong enough and yet would also look great hanging on our walls. We met with local carpet companies and decided upon the best carpet materials and color ranges to use. We designed a catwalk that ultimately was a designer catwalk with interchangeable material to match your decor with an array of add-ons should one wish to add more fun to the catwalks they purchased.

Custom Design Catwalks

With a range of colors and material combinations for the catwalk designs, we are able to offer 400 different combinations of looks and style for each catwalk. This means that you could email us a photo of the environment in which you wish to mount your catwalks and we will show you the best matching colors and patterns available, or you could have one custom created with our screen printing processes. (I am a screen printer of 10+ years and have extensive knowledge in this field) Send us the design you wish to have screen printed and we will print this on your fabrics on the cat-walk) Without photos, I know it is hard for you to imagine the end product, especially as really we are not presently giving away any main design features as yet. We doing this for a reason. We are gathering materials, products and tools to be able to handle production when the site is ready for release. We are also looking for the right location to call our workshop, as each cat-walk design needs its own workstation in a well lit and clean environment.

Catwalk Products Release Date

We will release the new design of customizable catwalks by Catwalk for Kitty in a few weeks. We have a show at the jacob javitz on November 19th / 20th, our booth will be 711, Dee and myself are very excited to be introducing this line and others to you on that day. We actually have 3 websites that we are combining into one. 2 of them are for products for cats and one of the websites is for charity and helping cat owners around the world. For the first time, we are trying to make sure we have all our I's dotted and T's crossed as we move forward in this project, it could be the difference in making it or losing it all.

Website Design and finding Catwalk for Kitty

Our hopes are to be able to supply such stores as petco, petsmart and normaler mom and pop pet stores around the country. We are working on being able to scale our operation upwards to be able to handle such volume but not cut corners in quality or design. We want our pricing to be very competitive and possibly cheaper than most catwalk creators out there, while coming across as a more superior product. Our experience in SEO (search engine optimization) and other strategic website processes, make us ideal candidates to create a world leading website of its kind. So if we have the clicks, we simply need great products at that point (which we already have).
The population needs to see a professional face on the web for business, especially when committing to purchase a product. Buying from a mickey mouse-like web company is a risk these days, so we really wanted to make sure we put our best professional foot forward when setting up our catwalk, cat shelf, cat run website. We wanted to make all the possible information that may be required for cat walk purchasers available right here on our website. it was with that in mind that we decided to create a master list of other bonus "add-ons" to the catwalk website so that people could see we knew our business and we truly loved the cats we were making the lines of products for. In time I can only imagine a better more defined method of navigating the Catwalk for kitty website as pages are split into categories and to help you find what you may be looking for.

Our Charity Work

Since we also love to help our local cat-shelters in many different ways, the "behind the scenes knowledge" we have gained is priceless, when knowing the needs and wants of such shelters, which often outweigh those that give without a question. It's a slippery slope of meeting a shelters financial requirements each year to keep the shelters open verses the donations given each year. By the grace of god it seems most shelters get by for another 12 months. Meanwhile everyone does what everyone can to help raise awareness and finances to keep new volunteers coming in to help, clean, feed and change out litter boxes for all the cats at the shelters.

Though the volunteers are never paid, fridges and air conditioners and such items are often required to replace old-worn out and non efficient units and though a few buy these units from their own pockets never asking for pay back, much of what is purchased to replenish a shelter has to be paid for in some way.
Seeing this financial need, helped us to make the decision to pay a percentage of every purchase of every catwalk and hideaway combination unit sold to no-kill cat shelters around the U.S. Though we will begin with P.A.T.C.H. of Pompton lakes, those shelters that sign up with us as recipients of the donations, will receive their payments on a scheduled basis when the sales officially begin. Drop us a line here if you wish to apply to be a no-kill cat shelter beneficiary.

For a full line of catwalk, cat shelf, cats catwalk, cat-walks, hideaways, cat-trees and more please visit us today. If you simply LOVE cats and want to mingle with other cat lovers online, please join us here at and check out our radio show too. See you soon!

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